Have you ever felt a close connection with somebody you just met? You instantly clicked as if you have known each other for your entire lives. You may even had butterflies in your stomach right before you spoke.

twin flame dreams stories

But what happens when they emerge in your dreams? Just like the random synchronistic connection in your walking life your twin flame can appear in your dreams at any given time. Despite the short lived contact they have left you with a feeling that will resonate in your soul until you die.

Since we are unable to pick and choose what dreams we want to experience and when, your twin flame will come to you when the time is right. They can show up at any given age at any given time. Your dreams take you on a journey that you have no control over, as if you closed your eyes and randomly picked a movie on Netflix.

In essence you become the main character that sets out to experience an unplanned adventure of horror, suspense, excitement, action and romance. They will not only take a piece of your heart, but a part of your soul. Often times you will get a chance to kiss your twin flame. These dreams are just highlights of how strong the connection was between you.

One of the major signs you have met your twin flame is the feeling of separation that comes with the dream. Your only wish would be to just meet up with them for one last minute to get that euphoric high you once felt.

You are met with conflicting emotions of overwhelming sadness and joy as you might not ever see them again. They will open your heart so wide that without them everything just feels like an empty void. Like a warm breeze passes you on a calm sunny day they comfort a part of your soul that nobody else can touch. The separation causes conflicting emotions of overwhelming sadness and joy. Questions are running though your head wondering who this person was and if you would ever see them again.

It is normal to separate from your twin flame as your dreams cannot go on forever. Some people may get lucky and meet them one last time though he or she can appear but in different forms. Who was this person that gave you a glimpse at what love truly feels like? Could this be your actual soul mate on this earth that you actually connected too in the dream realm? Maybe this is who you meet when we move on to the next stage of life?

Some people may think that you will eventually meet this person in the near future.Twin flames are said to be two halves of one soul. They are usually brought together for a greater purpose and mission; brought together, twin flames are more powerful and able to change the world with their combined gifts. The concept of twin flames has become quite popular in new age and spiritual communities and it is one definitely worth taking a second look at.

Discovering your twin flame in a dream.

I find that this concept gets misused at times to tolerate mistreatment, sometimes even abuse, or to dismiss outright incompatibility. Here are five powerful differences between meeting a true twin flame and the false twin flame connection that we often experience with toxic people:.

Twin flames are said to be mirror each other physically, emotionally and spiritually. Unlike a predatory individual, a true twin flame or even soulmate is someone who is authentically similar to you and will remain that way in the long-term, no matter what the status of your relationship.

While a true twin flame will feel like a safe haven, somewhere you can go for emotional shelter, your false twin flame will feel like an albeit alluring danger zone. A false twin flame, on the other hand, may deliberately create chaos in your life by gaslighting you, stonewalling you, provoking you and taunting you.

A true twin flame will cherish you even if they challenge you. You will feel comforted in the presence of a true twin flame, as if your soul has finally reached home after a long and arduous journey. Yet in a false twin flame connection, your wounds and weaknesses are used against you to make you chase after them in a race that will never end.

This dynamic is embedded in a larger cycle or toxicity were the narcissistic partner gives you crumbs to keep your hope alive, all while subjecting you to numerous betrayals and transgressions. A true twin flame merges with you on your mission — whatever that may be. To hang onto a false twin flame beyond the expiration date of the relationship will hinder you and your dreams, not help you. A true twin flame, on the other hand, will make you feel like anything and everything is possible — they will encourage you to achieve greater heights, with or without them.

They are designed to be your perfect counterpart — the person who will inspire you towards great personal growth. The experiences you share with them will give you life lessons that remind you of your own divinity rather than detract from it. They will contribute to your mission and you will find yourself achieving more together than you ever did when apart.

The unconditional love between you both is a bond that you honor as sacred — whether it is platonic or romantic. The false twin flame, on the other hand, is usually incapable of this form of inner work and growth.

Their demand for unconditional love is one based on their own personal interest; they just want you to tolerate their mistreatment in the name of love. Thankfully, their exit from your life is said to clear the path for your true twin flame, your true other half to enter. The way you feel around a true twin flame is that you will feel assured of your own worthiness — not constantly questioning your worth.

A true twin flame will teach you unconditional love, but in the right way. In a true twin flame relationship, you will also be encouraged to love yourself just as you love the other. This is the type of love that will cause you to expand, not shrink. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. You may unsubscribe at any time. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. Learn more about Thought Catalog and our writers on our about page.

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Strange Symptoms of My Twin Flame Connection

More From Thought Catalog.Regardless of whether we intend to or not, we are continuously sharing our energy with others. Since twin flames share the same one soul resonance and vibrate at the same frequency, their energetic flow makes them telepathic and emphatic with each other and enables them to intuitively know what the other is feeling, desiring or thinking.

When we listen to our twin flame talk this is often with a sense of wonder as they seem to be able to read our mind, often taking even our most intimate thoughts straight out of our mind and saying them out loud using our own words. This is however only the beginning of the telepathic and psychic abilities between the twins. Telepathy in fact is an expression of the wider energetic resonance, oneness and binding together of the twins which naturally deepens and strengthens as their love for each other grows.

It is often said that twin flames connect mind to mind, heart to heart and soul to soul — and this is certainly true from a telepathic viewpoint. True telepathy engages our whole being; the mind, heart, body and soul; requiring not only the mind to translate the flow of energy into a language which can be understood by the recipient, but also for the heart chakra to act as a transmitter of all the emotional and mental information.

Telepathy is also received through the crown chakra, which connects us to our higher self, universal consciousness and the divine realms. When twin flames connect energetically, the intense feelings of love spiral out of the magnetic vortex of the heart chakra and create a gateway of telepathic communication between the two. More than any other part of the energetic body, the heart is the essential thinking, feeling and knowing centre of a multi-dimensional being, generating a powerful electrical field 60 times greater and a magnetic field 5, times greater than that of the brain.

It is therefore through the opening of our heart and crown chakras, often as result of our spiritual awakening, that we are able to fully tune into the telepathic connection with our twin flame. The telepathic connection between the twins intensifies and becomes more fluent once their energetic bodies merge and they start ascending.

Ascension purifies the heart, thus creating the possibility for sincere, honest and vulnerable communication between the two. I have on several occasions been able to experience this, and it really felt like our two minds were one with very little difference between his thoughts and mine.

The way in which a thought would pop into my head and he would act upon it or react to it as if it was his own felt very natural and right; without hesitation or questions asked.

Dream Progression of Twin Flame Reunion

If for example the thought of being thirsty crossed my mind then without a word he would get up and bring me a glass of water. On another occasion, my twin lost his keys but before he even started to look for them, as soon as the thought of the keys missing crossed his mind, it crossed mine too and I automatically knew where they were.

Since the connection works outside of the normal boundaries of time and space, whether the twins are physically together or apart is irrelevant. The explanation here is complex to the extent that the communication is being passed back and forth between two multidimensional beings. For example, we may be able to perceive our twin thinking about us, and on the other hand receive loving, encouraging messages from them.

This can be very confusing, yet as both twins begin to awaken and grow spiritually, they naturally align with their higher selves and the divine will. There is no way that a twin evolving spiritually would not at some point become internally aware of their twin and the mutual communication between the two hearts.

Furthermore, as the twins surrender they learn to rely on this communication as a comforting, loving energy filled with spiritual nourishment always available to them and they begin to intuitively understand its slight nuances. At times during the twin flame connection we find ourselves confused, frustrated and hurt by the inconsistency of communication from our twin. While internally we feel their unconditional love for us, externally they may be acting cold and aloof.

twin flame dreams stories

The thing to know about telepathy between twin flames is that while words can easily deceive us, the energy received through the heart chakra does not and cannot lie. This has very much been the state of humanity these past centuries; however with the awakening of the heart-centered consciousness, people everywhere are tapping into the ability to lovingly and honestly communicate regardless of all cultural, religious, linguistic and ethical barriers.

Twin flames are at the forefront of the heart awakening, since it is their divine mission to anchor the heart-centered consciousness and divine love onto the Earth plane. The language of the heart requires no translation, decoding or interpretation and therefore we are able to energetically tell whether our twin is being genuine and authentic in the words they speak.

Our heart also tells us when we are not being true to ourselves and as our heart centre activates, it becomes harder and harder not to align with the infinite love that we are. My twin flame often commented on how he felt like I could see into his soul and how he could not hide anything from me.Becoming conscious of being a Twin Flame often starts after physically meeting and separating from your divine counterpart.

This could be after ending a relationship with them, after having a couple of dates or even after just one meeting… They suddenly pull away because you both have issues conscious and unconscious to address, purge and clear. Stemming from this life, your childhood and even your past lives together.

You feel hurt and try to move on. But then you start receiving a crazy amount of signs and synchronicities. You start seeing double digits everywhere like,etc… You suddenly hear and read your twins name everywhere; receive messages through music, and you may even start getting visions, images of the future or from past lives that suddenly pop into your head out of nowhere.

When we embark on, or awaken to this Twin Flame journey, we start looking for validation and proof of this connection. What is happening to me? That has helped me a lot over the past 1,5 years.

Also watching YouTube videos helped me gain knowledge on the subject. In this article, I want to focus on Twin Flame movies because they have also comforted and helped me in understanding and trusting the Twin Flame journey.

Watching movies about Twin Flames helped me immensely because 1. You can follow a character going through the same or similar experiences. It brings hope for a happy ending. Having faith in the Twin Flame journey and union is one of the hardest things to achieve because physical experiences often contradict what you feel to be true. Some Twin Flames are married to other people, a karmic partner or soul mate. A large difference in status can also be an issue. Royalty wanting to marry non-royalty, or even something more common as both twins living in different countries, or on the other side of the world.

All very classic issues within love stories. And sadly for a lot of people, very relevant within their Twin Flame journey.

twin flame dreams stories

Watching movies that resonate with our journey can be incredibly healing for us, both emotionally and mentally. I know that these things have played, and are still playing a part in my own Twin Flame journey.Question Twin Flame Success Stories?

Anyone in a stable, happy, harmonious union with their TF presently? For how long have you been at peace with one another? So far so good.

We haven't killed anyone or set anything on fire as some previous attempts in past lives. From the moment we recognized each other it was instant fusion. I recognized him the moment I laid eyes on him. Two days later when I took off my glasses he recognized me.

Seventy two hours after that, he asked me to marry him and I said yes. The timing was a little odd though, because we met only two weeks before he was moving back across the Atlantic forever. His stuff was already on a boat, his ticket was bought.

We decided that he should go because that was the most practical thing to do at the time, and then see how things worked out between us. We were in daily contact by phone and messenger this wasbefore facetime and skype. Seven months later he returned. I've been in stable, happy, harmonious union with my twin flame for 9 years now. It feels surreal to think about, because so much time has passed since we met. We seem to be at peace, but I do admit I still have things to work through. Also, while I know how difficult the journey can be at times, I'd certainly call our union a huge success.

We did not have a separation period. This may have something to do with my twin flame being a spirit on the astral plane. As far as I'm aware, he's not physically on Earth, but we have a telepathic connection and I consider us to be in union. It's just not physical union, which is perfectly okay with me. To me, it's still union and I'm grateful to have my twin flame in my life at all. My twin flame just randomly established communication with me one day and we've been in contact ever since.

I've never seen what he looks like, but I've heard his voice and I've felt him holding me before. The only things I can't answer are how and where we met, because we're linked but from different planes.

I didn't simply meet him, really, but he knew we were twin flames before I did. Since he's a spirit, that complicates how I answer certain questions. Like, for example, some twin flames incarnated together. My twin and I didn't choose to do this. Are those your main energies, O. I am a Pisces and my twin is a Scorpio! And for me Cancer is the greatest energy!! The mention of astro signs just made me realize - I'm a Gemini sun, Pisces moon, Capricorn rising; and he's a Pisces sun I wonder what the chances are that he's a Gemini moon, etc.?

Maybe it might be illuminating to look deeper into astrologyWhen we dream, we are directly projected in an astral plane. There, we can be our own spiritual self. Through dreams, most people meet their own twin flames for the very first time.

Maybe the twin flames are unable to meet because of geographical distance. On the astral plane, a silver cord connects them. They can discover each other easily in dreams. Entering the state of dreaming projects our spirit to the astral plane. Here, we seek for good opportunities and places where we can grow and discover.

Is that just a coincidence? Not really. Twin flames are our mirror images. These mirror souls long to meet. They attract each other more in the astral plane of dream state.

Dreaming about your twin flame

Yes, spiritual progress is the goal of traveling through the astral plane and meeting the twin flame.

The other important purpose is to get familiar with our own twin soul. We get to know our shared goals and journeys. Being familiar with our twin flame is important. We might get many signs that we might be meeting our mirror soul soon. But, what if we cannot recognize them immediately? Thus, having a connection with the twin flame in dreams makes it easier for us to identify that same energy in the physical world.Have you ever met somebody who completely changed the course of your life?

It might have been your twin flame. But what does that term mean, exactly? And, perhaps more importantly, how do you know when you've found yours? Many people assume that a twin flame is the same thing as a romantic soul mate and use the terms interchangeably, but these are entirely different things — while they can be romantic relationships, they can also be completely platonic in nature.

Still, twin flames are intense and life-changing relationships that can forever change who you are. Contrary to popular belief, a twin flame is not your soul mate.

Your twin flame doesn't even have to be someone you fall in love with although it often is.

twin flame dreams stories

You start seeing the world differently. It pushes you to want to engage with the divine, shift consciousness, and become a better, soulful, being in this experience. The relationship goes both ways; it's not a one-way spiritual street. When you meet your twin flame, they will forever change your life and you will do the same thing for them.

According to intuitive energy healer Tasha Nassara twin flame relationship helps us unite the divine masculine and feminine within us all we all contain masculine and feminine energies regardless of our gender. While such relationships are with another person, they are also meant to help us evolve our relationship with ourselves. Nassar tells Allure that when these energies come into union with another, you become a higher version of yourself, and realize a version of love different from other types of relationships.

While a twin flame isn't a soul split in two, as we are whole all on our own, twin flames do act as a reflection. It's like looking in a mirror, and not only is your unprocessed trauma reflected back at you, but so is past life or ancestral work. Unlike life partners, or what we consider "soul mates," twin flames are intense and challenging relationships which force us to deal with our unresolved issues and become a bigger person.

Because of this intensity, it's uncommon for twin flames to be a lifelong partnership. Rather, they are people who enter your life for a period of time to help you grow and steer you on course.

Think of your twin flame as a catalyst. It's okay if the relationship ends, even if it's quite painful due to the level of intensity. Your twin flame is not someone you should wait around for, as not everyone meets one in this lifetime. Should you find them, don't expect them to be your life partner. That's another type of relationship.

It might feel or might have felt like a cosmic spark when you meet your twin flame. They may bring up some of the most challenging lessons you'll learn, and will forever change the course of your life — and you'll do the same for them. The relationship will set you on the right path and will help you confront and heal unresolved wounds. Think of your twin flame as a spark, a crucial one, and someone you will always remember.

However, it's not only okay but totally normal, if the relationship doesn't last forever. Find Sophie on Instagram and Twitter. Keywords sex love spirit spirituality romance wellness dating friendship friends relationships Personal Relationships.

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